Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tell me…what you want to see

I am always thinking of new topic to put up here to help many others who are into Windchill….please reply to this topic below if you want to see any specific topic here that you think might not only help you but several other PLM engineers as well. I will try my best to write an article on it.




  1. Why not something about the info*engine and webjects ?

  2. You want an article to help you write webjects?

  3. yeah...that would be of great help

  4. What will be career in plm as a freshar ..
    and how much I can aspect salary at fresher level..plz help

  5. Vijay,

    PLM is not taught by any University in India. You need to get trained from a PTC Partner or a free Lancer. The benefit of this will be that you will be able to approach any PTC partner company or any Major Indian IT company which now have PLM as a vertical.

    PLM as of today is not much flourished in India so you can expect higher pays. To get a more than decent pay you need to get 4-5 years experience purely in PLM.

    It will be highly beneficial over the years if you have knowledge of multiple PLM softwares, but you can start with one.

  6. Some basic information on webjects with some examples on why we should prefer webjects over JAVA apis or otherwise. Thanks :)

  7. How to remove our confusion (where to start) to PLM?

  8. Hi Kalyan,

    PLM is bascially an industry's process and data management tool combined into one software. You can manage your processes as well as data.

    To start off with PLM you need to understand what is PLM, the theory behind it. e.g what are Problem Report, Change Notices, lifecycles of objects.

    Once you are good with this theory, you need to select any one PLM product and study that product, as to how does it work based on the theory.

    Most PLM products are heavily licensed. you can check back in your company if you have PLM Licenses, good for you.