Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Windchill and Weekends…..

‘Not’ talking about Windchill is one of the biggest challenges I face on weekends which I usually fail at. I write my blog articles usually on weekends….LOL.

After I posted my first article on my blog I posted its link on Facebook for my friends to read it. It was a Sunday when I posted it. One of friends commented on my post saying how I could get time to write this stuff. And the next thing he started to discuss an ongoing issue that we were working on user logins, on Facebook itself. I told him I got time because I was not thinking about work. He told me even if its Sunday Windchill kept running in his mind. Well I had to admit it did in my head too

I don’ know how but it’s the magic of Windchill that keeps your mind running through workflow of thoughts..throughout the weekend. Especially if it’s an unresolved issue. I have seen many engineers in PLM who go through the same situation. When it comes to Windchill I need not remind users about the ‘Logout Button’ discussion J which is still running in many minds.

Unfortunately my friends are also from PLM(My friends…I am referring to the situation not you J). That’s why when we meet the biggest thing we stress upon is not to discuss Windchill issues. But no matter what we start talking we land on Windchill. We were travelling for dinner in Pune and a TATA Nano was standing near us. This car is the cheapest car in the world which makes everybody so fond of it. Looking at it we peeped into the car to see how the dashboard looked like since this car is pretty compact. Within a fraction of moment we started discussing if TATA used Pro/Intralink 3.x or Windchill 9.1 to design this car and the discussion went further to discuss the features in Windchill 9.1(and some issues too ;)). We later realized ‘what’ we were discussing and stopped it immediately before we sounded like geeks to people standing around us. Believe me, after 30 minutes we started it again when we saw a Kirloskar Generator humming.

It’s not bad that you talk about work on weekends it’s just what aspect of work you discuss. Although we discuss lot of Windchill we never actually discuss any issues.


  1. One of my friends used to login into his Facebook account...many-a-times by ,mistake as wcadmin/wcadmin... LOL

  2. That's a good one! Funny and true: Windchill for sure keeps WC admins busy and I still trying to learn to "logoff" after work.