Monday, June 27, 2011

Feldspar : Windchill Freelancers

Trying to help some of my friends by advertising their work on my Blog. These guys have been working on Windchill for many years and now into freelancing. 

They help clients to for the following projects 

1. Windchill Customization.
2. Windchill Upgrade, MOR updates
3. Visualization Services
4. Implementing Other Windchill Modules
5. Windchill Implementation and Performance Tuning

Email them to know if they can provide you the right solution:
if you do not get any response you could email directly to me too. My email address is available on the Blog under 'View my Complete profile'.

Note: Please do not contact me for asking projects. I am doing this for my friends and not for giving out projects to freelancers .

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